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5 easy hacks for healthy nails

Long-lasting, chip-free, a highly polished finish, vibrant colours and plenty of fun finishes… The benefits of gel polishes go on and on. But as beautiful as gel polishes are, repeated use can sometimes be a little hard on our nails. Here we share our top 5 tips for maintaining the health of your nails throughout your gel treatments, meaning you’ll never have to worry about dry, brittle or broken nails again. Now you can indulge in those oh-so-pretty polishes without worrying about the negative impact on your nails.

1. Moisturise – Keeping your nails and the skin around them hydrated is crucial to ensuring the area is as healthy as possible. Regularly applying a good quality hand and nail moisturiser will protect your skin and nails against any damage.

2. Oil them up – Soak your nails in a Vitamin E oil the night before the manicure and again after you’ve removed the gel polish. This will keep your nail beds hydrated and prevent any brittleness or breakages.

3. Time to repair – A top of the range nail repair treatment, such as Chroma Gel Fix'n'Protect, will do wonders for your nails in between, or during, your gel polish treatments. Fix’N’Protect is a completely revolutionary product on the beauty scene - using cutting-edge nail technology to nourish, toughen and grow the top layers of your nails. The best part: it can be removed without causing any damage to the nail at all. So, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t add it to your nail care regime today.

4. Absolutely no picking - This is one of the golden rules of gel polishes. No matter how bored or fidgety you’re feeling, never ever start picking at them. This can cause damage to the natural nail underneath. Instead, use the Chroma Gel Soak Off Remover Acetone, or book an appointment with your manicurist to remove the gel polish without harming the nails underneath. 

5. You are what you eat – Last but not least, your diet is an important factor in ensuring healthy skin, hair and nails. Your fingernails are formed of Keratin, a protein which can be strengthened by adding vitamins and nutrients to your diet, including biotin, fatty oils (such as those found in fish oil, avocado or nuts) and Vitamin E.

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