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3 basics every woman needs in her beauty toolkit

Whether you’re a 15-minutes-and-out-the-door type or you love to spend hours pampering your hair, skin and nails, there are certain items that are irreplaceable in any woman’s beauty toolkit. These are things that save time, help maintain your look without too much effort and which form part of even your most basic daily routine.

A hard-working nail care product

It doesn’t matter whether you rock inch-long, perfectly painted gel nails or you prefer to keep them short and sweet, keeping your nails healthy and happy is a sure-fire way to ensure you look put together and feel confident day-to-day. Chroma Gel Fix'n'Protect Nail Repair Treatment is the perfect all-rounder - its nourishing and protective qualities means it’ll help your nails grow strong and healthy. You can use it by itself if you want a more low-key look, or replace your usual base coat with this if you want to go all out, and you can be sure that no matter what, your hands are taken care of.

Shampoo and conditioner you can rely on 

This is haircare 101 - a good shampoo and conditioner will take the hard work out of styling your hair and leave you with healthy, manageable locks. This is the ultimate basic beauty tool and as part of your regular hair care routine, it won’t take any of your precious time either! APH’s Professional Moisturising Shampoo and Conditioner range is full of deeply nourishing and hair-smoothing ingredients like olive oil, which mean your hair is always at its shiny, gorgeous best.

A good hairdryer is worth its weight in gold

A good hairdryer can make all the difference. From a curly blow dry to a quick blast after a shower, a dryer which is lightweight and effective can shorten your beauty routine and leave your hair glossy, not frizzy. We love the Aphrodite Bi Professional Hair Dryer - its ergonomic grip makes it easy to hold and with its double filtering system, you get perfectly clean air, meaning no nasty build up on your locks.

With just a few basic items which work extra hard, you can have maximum glamour at minimum effort. So whether you’re keeping it low key or you just want a solid base to build your beauty toolkit on, invest in a few key tools to look your very best!

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