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Hair Mayonnaise Treatment - Repair and Nourish Damaged Hair

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Revive and rejuvenate your hair with the APH Hair Mayonnaise Treatment. This intensive hair treatment is designed to repair and nourish damaged hair, leaving it looking shiny, healthy, and full of life.

Enriched with natural oils and proteins, this hair mayonnaise treatment penetrates deep into the hair shaft, providing essential nutrients that help repair and strengthen damaged strands. Say goodbye to dry, brittle hair and hello to soft, manageable locks.

Experience the amazing benefits of this hair treatment. It not only repairs damaged hair, but also improves hair elasticity, making it less prone to breakage and split ends. With regular use, you'll notice a significant improvement in the health and appearance of your hair.

Key Features:

  • Repair damaged and brittle hair
  • Nourish and strengthen hair strands

The APH Hair Mayonnaise Treatment is free from parabens and sodium laurel sulphate, making it a safe and gentle option for all hair types. Whether you have dry, color-treated, or chemically processed hair, this treatment is suitable for you.

Available in three sizes - 200ml, 500ml, and 1200ml, this treatment is perfect for at-home use or for professional salons. Treat yourself to the luxury of hair mayonnaise and experience its transformative effects on your hair.

Take your hair care routine to the next level with the APH Hair Mayonnaise Treatment. Repair, nourish, and transform your hair with this powerful treatment. Say goodbye to damaged, lackluster hair and hello to beautiful, healthy locks.