Hair hacks to stop your summer holiday ruining your locks -

Hair hacks to stop your summer holiday ruining your locks

Summer holidays can take their toll on your hair - lots of sunshine, swimming pools full of chlorine, and salty sea water can all have an effect on your locks. Add greasy products like suncream to the mix and you could be heading for a hair disaster instead of looking like a care-free bronzed goddess. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to keep them healthy and happy, as well as keeping you looking fresh!

Braid it

One way to keep your hair off your face (and looking awesome) is to French braid it. Not only does it look cute and sporty, perfect for a day in and out of the pool, but it also protects your hair from getting tangled and damaged. Blast it with an Aphrodite hairdryer first to smooth down the hair cuticle, pop it into one or two braids, and you’ve got a fuss-free, easy daytime look. As a bonus, if you want to switch it up for the evening, simply take the braids out for beachy waves!

Treat your tresses right

When it comes to hair that’s tired or sun damaged, a little TLC goes a long way. Our organic APH Emergency Hair Repair sachet is small enough to slip into your suitcase but mighty enough to restore some shine to your hair! Made with natural olive oil, its moisturising properties will restore your hair to its former glory - simply apply the hair repair cream to freshly washed hair and leave it on for ten minutes before rinsing.

Smooth it over

When it comes to fighting frizz and sun damage, you need a product that works hard and still leaves you looking sleek and selfie-ready. APH Hair Serum, a leave-in formula with a silky consistency, is designed especially to combat frizz and protect your strands against sun damage - perfect for dried out locks. Its handy size makes it a suitcase staple, and it’s easy to apply - just spritz into damp hair before you style it.

So there you have it, three simple ways to keep your hair looking slick and shiny, even under the sun’s rays - now enjoy your holiday in the sun!

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