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Sculpting Gel Kit


Chroma Gel - Sculpting Gel is a clear self levelling builder nail gel which professional nail techs can work with to form tips for natural nails, sculpt nails, building nails and even as a base gel for nails. 

This award-winning gel technology results in gorgeous, thin, light, natural-looking enhancements.

This kit has all you need to get started with sculpting gel.

  • Chroma Sculpting Gel
  • Sculpting Gel Bonder
  • Gel Cleanser
  • Remover
  • Antiseptic Spray
  • Finishing touch top coat
  • Size 8 Sculpting Brush
  • 80/80 File
  • 220/220 File
  • 300/300 Buffer
  • 100/180 File

Sculpting gel is clear and shiny, and has added strength and support for weaker nails, this makes it perfect for reinforcing, sculpting and creating more flexible and resilient nails.

Cures in UV and LED.

Curing times can vary depending on the power of your lamp.

Lamp sold separately.