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Face Shield Pack of 10 - Professional-Grade Protection

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Discover the professional-grade Face Shield Pack of 10, designed to provide ultimate protection for your face and eyes against airborne viruses, microorganisms, and pathogens. Crafted from premium-quality optically-clear PET material, these fully-certified face shields offer exceptional clarity for an unobstructed view, ensuring peace of mind in any situation.

For unbeatable comfort and durability, our face shields feature a soft elastic strap and PU foam headband. You can wear them for extended periods without compromising on protection. The unique 'no-gap' headband design provides an added layer of defense, preventing air and liquid entry for enhanced safety.

With anti-fog technology, our face shields ensure clear visibility in all conditions, eliminating distractions or obstructions. Their lightweight and ergonomic design offer unparalleled all-day comfort, making them suitable for extended use.

These face shields can be worn alone or in combination with other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), providing comprehensive facial protection against splashes and sprays. Assembly is effortless, and a simple reminder to peel off the protective film before use ensures instant protection.

Key Features:

  • Optically-clear PET material for exceptional clarity
  • Soft elastic strap and PU foam headband for extended wear

Protect yourself and your loved ones with our fully-certified Face Shield Pack of 10. It offers the ultimate level of protection and peace of mind.