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Face Shield Pack of 10


Introducing our industry-leading fully-certified face shield that provides excellent protection to the face and eyes against airborne viruses, microorganisms, and pathogens. Our disposable face shields are crafted from premium-quality optically-clear PET material that not only ensures a clear view but peace of mind as well. The soft elastic strap and PU foam headband provide unbeatable long-lasting comfort and durability to ensure maximum protection without compromise. The unique 'no-gap' headband design offers added defense against air and liquid entry, while the ANTI-FOG feature ensures clear visibility in all conditions. Our lightweight face shield design guarantees wearers all-day comfort with its soft foam headband. You can wear it with or without other PPE such as protective eyewear, and it provides comprehensive facial protection against splashes and sprays. Assembly is a breeze, and please remember to peel off the protective film before using. Protecting yourself has never been easier, choose our fully-certified face shield for the ultimate protection.