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Chroma Gel Polish Lock Kit - Long Lasting Nail Polish Treatment | 7-10 Days Lasting Power

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Chroma Gel Polish Lock & Diamond Top Coat

Chroma Gel Polish Lock is for long lasting nail polish treatments. This new base gel treatment locks your air dry nail polish into your nails.

If your  clients are tired of repainting their nails every day then polish lock is a great addition for your salon to offer.

Your favorite nail polish colours can now last now up to 7-10 days with Polish Lock!

Key benefits:

  • Prevents nail polish from chipping and fading.
  • Easily remove your polish colour and re-apply a new colour.
  • Nail polish lasts up to 7-10 days with Polish Lock.
  • Gives your nails a thick body.
  • Hides the imperfections of your nails.
  • Works with all air dry nail polish.
  • Change colour between treatments using acetone free nail polish remover.

Polish Lock prep and application:

  • Gently buff the nail.
  • Antiseptic Cleanse the nail after buffing to remove all dust. (If a client has oily nails and skin give a double dose of Antiseptic cleanser)
  • Apply Primer and Bonder
  • Apply a thin coat of Polish Lock directly to the nail (Capping the free edge) - Cure for 30 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV.
  • Apply a second thicker coat and cure for 60 seconds under LED or 2 minutes under UV.
  • Wipe off the sticky residue with a lint free wipe saturated in Gel Cleanser.
  • Apply air dry nail polish as usual, wait till completely air dry.
  • Seal it with Air Dry Top Coat.
  • Re-apply Polish Lock treatment every 2-3 weeks.

Polish Lock removal:

  • Remove nail polish with normal nail polish remover.
  • Lightly buff the nail, this breaks the Polish Lock seal.
  • Wrap and soak in acetone for 10-15 minutes.
  • Gently push the Polish Lock off the nail using wood sticks.

This removal technique ensures the natural nail stays strong and healthy.

Size: 15ml