The ultimate pamper night -

The ultimate pamper night

It's so important to take care of yourself and there's nothing like a pamper night to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Find a night you're free in the calendar and make a plan. You deserve a little 'me time', so here's our guide to the ultimate pamper night.

Get relaxed

Pop on a chilled playlist, light some scented candles and get in your pyjamas. Make sure you're comfortable and have all the products you need. Tell the housemates or the family to leave you alone for the evening and take some time for yourself.

Take off all of your makeup

Yep, you heard us. Sometimes your skin needs a little breather, especially if you wear foundation or makeup every day, so start off by removing all of your makeup with a gentle cleanser and some cotton wool.

Put on a hair masque

A hair masque is great for soft, smooth hair and they are perfect for adding moisture back into your hair. This Goldiloxs Keratin Hair Masque contains protein and keratin which keep your hair, or hair extensions, looking super healthy. After shampooing, work it through your hair and leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly for shiny, healthy locks.

Give yourself a manicure

Look after those nails and give yourself a manicure, you deserve one!Use a nail stick to clean your nails and the angled side to push down any cuticles. Once you've cleaned and filed your nails, choose a polish that you love.Our range of Chroma Gel Polish lets you get that professional finish in a range of gorgeous colours.

Soak your feet

It's easy to forget about your feet but a nice long soak can do wonders. Fill a washing bowl with warm soapy water and soak your feet for as long as you like. Add some essential oils, like lavender or sandalwood for sweet smelling toes too!


Give your skin a treat and use a body moisturiser all over for soft, happy skin. For a natural treat for your skin, try Aphrodite Extra Virgin Olive Oil which is great for keeping skin youthful, smooth and soft.

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