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5 Hair trends to embrace with the help of clip in hair extensions

There is nothing quite like changing your hairstyle, or hair colour, to give you that natural high and feel-good factor. If you want a temporary solution or simply want to try out a selection of the latest hair trends, then the good news is that you can do so with clip in hair extensions. Below we share 5 hair trends to try with the use of clip in hair extensions.

1. Big curls Curly, bouncy hair is going to be big for 2018. If you have fine hair, or simply don't have the time to curl your hair, then a great alternative is to use American Pride hair extensions. This look is very definitely a throwback to the 80s and a fun look for any party or celebration.

2. The dirty blonde look Dirty blonde hair can be seen everywhere, with women wearing this look in a variety of styles. If you don't want to permanently dye your hair, or want a cheaper alternative, then full head clip in hair extensions or a single weft in a white blonde colour are a great alternative. Plus, because of the trend you don't need to worry about your roots either!

3. Plaits are back Plaits of all shapes and sizes can be seen absolutely everywhere. These range from school-girl type plaits, through to intricate braids. You can now buy clip in plaits in a variety of different lengths and colours to try out this look. Perfect for a fun evening out with friends.

4. Natural waves One big hair trend is that hair will very much return to all things natural, with poker straight hair being replaced with luscious natural waves. One way in which to achieve this layered wavy look is with American Pride clip in curly kinky wave hair extensions.

5. The return of the redhead Red hair is gaining momentum and the brighter the better. If you don't feel brave enough to hit the dye bottle, then clip in hair extensions can give you the same look. You can choose from full head clip in extensions, right through to clip in single weft hair extensions.

Be as bold as you dare.

For more inspiration then please do browse our American Pride clip in hair extensions range.

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